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Blog #9: My Favorite TOS Episodes

- "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (Great pilot episode of Kirk & Crew)

-  "The Enemy Within" (Kirk separated into a Good and Evil version of himself)

- "The Menagerie, Part I & II" (Seeing footage from the original 'Cage' pilot, we learn what happened to Captain Christopher Pike and Spock is on trial for his life)

- "Balance of Terror" (First appearance of the Romulans)

- "Arena" (Kirk fights for his life against a giant humanoid lizard)

- "Space Seed" (Kirk meets his greatest enemy for the first time, Khan as played by the great Ricardo Montalban)

- "Errand of Mercy" (First appearance of the Klingon Empire)

- "The Alternative Factor" (The same man from 2 different universes threatens to destroy out universe)

- "The City on the Edge of Forever" (Kirk must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the future)

- "Amok Time" (Spock must journey home to marry his arranged marriage…

Blog #8: The Original Series & Me

This was originally posted on my 'Random Nerdness' blog before I created my 'Trek1701' blog, so I wanted to include this blog in my Trek blog. Star Trek: The Original Series: The series that started it all back in 1966. Gene Roddenberry is credited as Creator, but some would argue that it was show writers/producers such as DC Fontana and Gene Coon who really made the original series the cult classic it truly is. Set in the 23rd century it follows the adventures of Capatin James T. Kirk played by William Shatner, as he leads the USS Enterprise on adventures. Leonard Nimoy stars as First Officer Commander Spock, a half human half Vulcan scientist. James Doohan as Chief Engineer Lt. Commander Scott or rather 'Scotty'. George Takei as 'Lt Sulu', Nichelle Nichols as 'Lt Uhura' and Walter Koenig as 'Ensign Pavel Chekov'. Back in the 60's it was rare to see such a multi-national cast of characters, and
with it being set in the future the Wri…

Blog #7: TNG EXPOsed!!

(Update from Blog #5: TNG Reunion In Calgary)

The official press release from the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo: Star Trek TNG EXPOsed will be the only opportunity to see the nine cast members together - Sir Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Wil Wheaton and Denise Crosby, on stage together for the first time in more than two decades. Included in the evening's program, which will be hosted by the Calgary Expo's mascot Emily Expo, is a 90 minute panel discussion and Q n' A session moderated by InnerSPACE stars Teddy Wilson, Cynthia Loyst, and Ajay Fry, music by Johnny Summers Little Big Band and a video presentation in honour of the cast of TNG. Doors will be at 6 PM and the programming will begin at 7 PM. Well it is now official: I have my ticket to the show bought and paid for. I have a floor seat, Row 25!!! I couldn't be more excited! My wife will also be at the con but she is not a Trek fa…

Postcards from me to you!

Hey there friend this is Chris with something to give you, and something you can give back to me. Sounds mysterious but it isn't. Last fall my fellow blogger CT from the 'Nerd Lunch' blog did something awesome for his readers, and I liked it so much I'm doing it for you. It goes like this: I have a book of 'Bone' postcards, 'Bone' being the comic book character created by Jeff Smith. If you would like me to send you a free 'Bone' post card I would be happy to do that. The only thing I ask for in exchange is that after you receive the postcard in the mail take a picture of yourself holding the postcard and e-mail that picture to me so I can post it on my blogs. It's a neat idea for me to connect to my readers, and for them to connect to the blogs. 

So if you are interested send me an e-mail with your name and full mailing address to: and after you receive the postcard send me your pic with the card to the same e-mail addr…

Blog #6: TNG in HD!!

In 2012 Star Trek: The Next Generation season one is coming to Blue-Ray HD. Until the entire season is released they have issued a sample disc of TNG in HD. I recently ordered 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' The Next Level to see my beloved TNG in HD. I must say it is breathtakingly awesome. Everything has been improved upon, you can especially notice the HD difference with the special effects. The Enterprise and her crew have never looked or sounded better. The episodes they have chosen for this 'taste' or TNG in HD are 'Encounter At Farpoint' the TNG pilot, 3rd season episode 'Sins Of The Father' which is a great Worf/Klingon episode and 'The Inner Light', a 5th season episode which is one of the best Trek has to offer. I am looking forward to the release of the entire series of TNG in HD. A few complaints however:
- The episodes are still in 4:3 aspect ratio, whereas most Blue Rays (including the Original Series) is in 16:9 ratio. 4:3 gives y…

Blog #5: TNG Reunion In Calgary

Last year was my first time attending the Calgary Comic And Entertainment Expo and it was a great experience. There I not only got to meet 2 of my favourite Trek stars, William Shatner and Jonathan Frakes, but I also got a professional photo taken with them. Based on this experience I fully intended to be at the Calgary Expo in 2012 April 27-29. Then came the announcement last Sunday that the entire original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation would be attending the con together for a special 25th Anniversary show. First time this has ever been done with the cast of TNG. Excited doesn't hardly explain what I am feeling!! This Reunion show is a part of the Calgary Expo and the stars I assume will be available for photo-ops with fans, but the actual stage Reunion show is a separate paid event for that Saturday night. I couldn't be happier to put out money to see them, and I am hoping for a good seat when the tiks go on sale. Rest assured I will be taking many photos and try t…

Blog #4 : Random Best Of Trek

Here's a few 'Best Of's' I've come up with. More to come later on for sure. Be sure to comment below and leave your opinion.  #1 Best Captain:

Captain Kirk
Captain Picard
Captain Sisko
Captain Archer

Captain Kirk. He was the man, he kicked ass and got the ladies. Who wouldn't want to be him!!

#2 Best First Officer:

Commander Riker
Commander Spock
Commander Chakotay
Major Kira

Spock. He was smart, strong and logical. His vast knowledge of science often saved the day.

#3 Best Fighter:

Lt Reid

Data. He has the strength of 10 men, he's fast, he's smart and he feels no pain. He would be the ultimate fighter against any one he fought.

#4 Hottest Female Character:

Seven of 9
Uhura (2009 film version)

Uhura!!! Actress Zoe Saldana is so hot!!! She is without a doubt the winner of this contest.

#5 Best Bad Guy:


Locutus. Picard was transformed from bei…