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My Weekly Pick

Hey there friends this is Chris with another Weekly Pick, and this will be a 2 week pick as next weekend I will be busy attending a family reunion. My pick this week is for a great Canadian program called 'North of 60'. It is in my opinion the best drama ever filmed in Canada. It aired in the 90's and lasted 5 seasons and had 4 TV movies. The series was about the life and times in a North West Territories native community called 'Lynx River', but it was in fact filmed in my home province of Alberta. It was required weekly viewing in my home. The reason why I am making this my Weekly Pick is because this past weekend while attending my friends wedding I actually got to meet one of the stars of that series. Dakota House, also known as 'Teevee Tenia' on the series was there and I got the chance to meet him and talk his ear off. I had had several alcoholic beverages at that point and I talked his ear off for probably 1-2 hours. He was very nice and a pleasure …

Blog #24: My New Trek Series Premise

As I write this it is my hope someone involved in the creation of the new Trek series will read this idea and (hopefully) use it. My idea for a new series is this: Star Trek: Light In Darkness *Assuming it is filmed for a fall 2013 release it would be set in the 24th century in 'real time' taking place 12 years after the end of Star Trek: Voyager, 11 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and after the destruction of Romulus as depicted in the 2009 'Star Trek' reboot film. The year would be approximately 2390. Events prior to start of series: - Chancellor Martok was assassinated by his son Drex in personal combat following Martoks refusal to invade the Romulan Empire following the destruction of their homeworld and moon Remus, thepower base of the entire Romulan Empire (Star Trek, 2009 film). Chancellor Drex ignores the urging of the Federation council to not attack the Romulans, he dissolves the Khitomer Accords and once again the Klingon Empire and the Federati…

Blog #23: Trek in Comic Books

Being a kid who is a Trek fan I loved to read Star Trek comics. DC Comics had a great run with their Star Trek comics with the great Peter David writing a lot of Trek comics. Probably my favourite storyline was when Captain Kirk was stabbed and almost killed. Very heavy stuff for a 8 year old kid to read but I remember loving every issue I could get my hands on. They even did a great annual issue where GeorgeTakei himself helped to write it. Marvel did Trek comics in the late 90's, didn't buy much of those other than their series based on Captain Pike and the original crew featured in the original 'The Cage' pilot. That was a very neat concept and made for some great reading. Wish I could collect that run in trade paperback format. Currently IDW is doing a series based on the 2009 JJ Abrams alternate time-line Star Trek. I've read a few issues and they are doing a solid job with that series. So far they are re-telling original series stories with this 'new…

Blog #22: DS9: Best Trek Series?!

I have to say that DS9 may be the best Star Trek series ever made thus far. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge TNG and TOS fan but DS9 just has much more going for it than any other Trek TV series. The creators were able to be creative with this series and were not restrained, especially towards the end of the series. For example they allowed real conflict on this series, the last 2 seasons the characters were fighting in a war. Characters were allowed to change and grow, actors were able to act and writers got to write and see their vision become a reality. They had long reaching story arcs and a supporting cast that got in some cases more screen time than the 'main' cast. I loved in particular the long continuing story lines. In the start of season 6 they had 6 episodes that were essentially one big continuing story and the last 10 or so episodes of the 7th and final season followed the same pattern. It was an interesting and rewarding experience for us fans, but it did al…