Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog #21: Color Of A Shirt

Changing uniforms: Regular Trek stars who changed the color of their regular uniform and why.
- Spock in the 'Shatner' pilot had a yellow uniform before changing to the iconic blue.

- Sulu in the mirror universe wears red: did that mean they were gonna kill him??

- Chief O'Brien had a red uniform in the TNG pilot.

- Geordi and Worf switched uniform in the TNG second season when they changed ship jobs. But was Worf gonna be killed off in season 1 had Tasha not been killed as rumoured?? Curse of the red shirt!!

- Data got a red shirt when he was promoted to First Officer by Captain Jellico and Troi had to go back to wearing a standard blue uniform in the 6th season 2 part episode 'Chain Of Command'.

- Picard had a blue uniform in 'Tapestry'.

- Thomas Riker had a yellow uniform, a big change from Commander Rikers iconic Red.

- Worf went back to wearing red after joining the cast of DS9 in season 4.

- Season 5 of DS9 in the episode 'Trials And Tribbliations': The DS9 crew went back in time to the original series and while in disguise on the original Enterprise Sisko wore yellow, Dax red, O'Brien red, because that was the uniform color scheme in that era.

Trek TV Series Uniform Colors by Area:
TOS/Enterprise: Yellow (Command & Operations), Red (Engineering & Security) and Blue (Science & Medical). Captains had the option of wearing a Green V-cut shirt when on duty.
TNG/DS9/Voyager: Red (Command & Operations), Yellow (Engineering & Security) and Blue (Science & Medical) Captains had the option of wearing a 'Captains' Jacket when on duty.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Not Attending 'Spock Days'...

Sadly I had to cancel my trip to Vulcan Alberta this year due to the fact that I now have to work that weekend, and I am unable to get out of it. But I intend to go next Summer.... But I am still attending the Edmonton Pop Culture Fair, September 23rd at the Alberta Aviation Museum.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blog #20: Star Trek TNG EXPOsed!

This year at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo they managed to gather the entire original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation and they had their own separate ticketed event on the Saturday of the convention weekend called TNG EXPOsed, and I was there!! Here is some of my recollections of that evening. It was great to see them all on stage at the same time and if you want to watch it TNG EXPOsed is available for free viewing on YouTube.


It opened with a awesome band playing Sinatra and swing band style music, kinda like Michael Buble. Then a recorded message from the Mayor of Calgary. Then the introduction of 'Emily Expo', the cons super sexy mascot. Then a video of Emily interviewing other sci-fi stars at the 'Emerald City Con' about TNG. Those interviewed included Christopher Judge (Stargate), Edward James Olmos (BSG), George Takei (Sulu), Walter Koenig (Chekov), Robert Picardo (The Doctor from 'Voyager') and others who I didn't know, mostly voice actors.Then Garret Wong (Ensign Kim from 'Voyager') came out and had a funny story about why he likes TNG, and he did a great George Takei impersonation. Then one of the original TNG crew workers was there to say some words. He apparently works on the TV series 'Hell On Wheels' now and said Colm Meaney sends his best. Meaney was Chief O'Brien and stars on 'Hell on Wheels'. Then they unwisely had a 30 minute intermission...Then the TNG cast came out. It was a great show, moderated by the Innerspace Crew (Teddy, Ajay and Cynthia) and guest appearances by Aaron Douglas (Tyrel from 'Battlestar Galactica') and John DeLancie (Q). They asked Patrick Stewart who his favorite villain was and he said 'Damon Bok', then from the back of the arena someone yelled 'Hey wait a minute!' And in walks John DeLancie. He came on stage and sat with the crew and Stewart admitted it had to be Q. Wil Wheaton had some great comments, the whole crew were funny to watch. Wheaton discussed how he felt bad leaving the show when he did. And Gates McFadden thanked fans for getting Dr Crusher back on the show after the Producers decided to get rid of her in Season 2, she returned in season 3. I was not aware that is why she was taken out.


It was a great show. Hopefully it was filmed for release because I would like a copy. There was a film crew there. If they were smart they would sell that on DVD or on iTunes. It is available to watch for free on YouTube because someone recorded it and posted it. Definitely worth the watch!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blog #19: More Star Trek 'What If?' Scenarios, Part IV

Guinan was first conceived to be 'the most beautiful woman in all creation', before Whoopi Goldberg had expressed interest in being on the show and the role was given to her. If she had not joined the show and it was the most beautiful woman what would that have been like and which star of the time could have played her? And how would this beautiful woman had interacted with the men of the crew?
And more importantly would Riker have been able to resist her, and she him? But seriously who in the late 80's could have played that character? Maybe Heather Locklear! Back then she was probably in my humble opinion the most beautiful woman who would be willing to commit to a TV series in a regular guest starring capacity. And there is no way Commander William T. Riker would have been able to resist her. Which means that Troi would be totally opened up for Worf to make his move and seal the deal.  

A Candidate to play 'Guinan'? 

- Wesley Crusher originally was supposed to be 'Leslie Crusher', a female? Would that have been better and which Tween star of the time would have played her?
Again who back in the late 80's could have played Leslie Crusher? I can't help but think that perhaps one of the pre-'Beverly Hills 90210' stars could have filled that role. Shannon Doherty or perhaps better yet Jenni Garth. If it had been Shannon Doherty she was known for her on-set antics which lead to her being written off of 90210, she no doubt would have been written off and 'Leslie' may have even had to be killed off to keep fans demanding Doherty's return. It would have been interesting indeed. But I am glad we had Wesley Crusher, because despite many fans dis-liking that character I always liked him. I no doubt will be devoting an entire blog post to discussing Wil Wheaton and Wesley in the not too distant future.

Leslie Crusher? 

- What if Star Trek: TOS had been renewed for a 4th season?? What episodes would you have like seen done? What characters would you like to see return?
I would like to have seen 'Gary Seven' return since his spin-off series was never picked up.
I would like to see 'Harry Mudd' make a return, maybe for some payback against Kirk for leaving him with all those androids of his wife. Whatever happened to those androids anyway? Would have been cool to see some of them show up on TNG and meet Data.
I always wanted to see 'Kor' make a return.
I always loved the Romulan episodes and would have liked to see them again in battle.
Doctor McCoy's unmentioned family could have made an appearance.
Another 'Gorn' episode!!!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog #18: More Star Trek 'What If?' Scenarios, Part III

- The actor who played 'The Traveller' in 3 episodes had auditioned for the role of Data. What would that have been like had Data been played by that actor and not Brent Spiner?
Brent Spiner is an amazing actor who can do both drama and comedy excellent. He made the character Data who he is and why he is so memorable and loved. And the actor who played the Traveller I'm not sure I have ever seen him in anything except that role. based on his performance in that role I think he would have played the character of Data more 'robot-like'. I'm thinking that based on Spiners acting range that the Writers wrote a lot for Data because of that, and probably wouldn't have for that other guy. TNG wouldn't have been as popular as it was without Brent Spiner.

Had to use this pic. Myself and my son with Brent Spiner at the 2012 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

- What would DS9 have been like had DS9 been a Federation made star base and not an old Cardassian station?
This is one scenario I wish HAD happened. I remember as a small kid seeing the film 'Star Trek III' for the first time and being blown away by the massive Federation star base in Earth orbit. I wanted to see more of this place and all of it's inner workings. When DS9 was announced I had assumed it would be on a station like this one, and I was a little more than disappointed when the real DS9 was revealed. Don't get me wrong the old Cardassian station grew on me, but I often wonder what it would have been like to see one of those Federation stations used. It could have opened a lot of writing potential in my mind. Those stations are MASSIVE and could potentially hold a lot of people. Lots of people creates a lot of great story potential. Take 'Babylon 5' for example. It was a station 5 miles long and was so massive that they even had an underground on the station. B5 attracted all sorts of shady. Odo could have been kept more busy and Quark would have had more people to conspire with. I understand the writers and producers wanting a station with character, something not seen before in Trek, but the Federation station i think would have added so much more to the series writing.  

Would loved to have seen this Starbase used as DS9.

 - Did the DS9 series really need 'Ezri Dax' after the death of Jadzia???
I really liked Jadzia, and it was a shame that Terry Farrell left the series to be on the sitcom 'Becker', but the addition of Ezri Dax to the series in it's 7th and final season was not needed. She could have appeared on the first couple episodes sure, then she should have moved on with her life elsewhere. On a series like DS9 that is already full of characters and supporting characters the addition of the new Dax only took away from other established characters that deserved the screen time. Why establish a new character like that? Also no offense to the actress who played Ezri but she could not measure up to Jadzia both as a character and in acting ability.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This & That: 'Spock Days'

Hey there friend this is your old pal Chrisloc1701 with an announcement to make. I will be attending my first 'Spock Days' this year. 'Spock Days' take place in Vulcan Alberta, The Star Trek Capital of Canada. This will be my first time attending this event. The event runs June 8-10 2012, but I will only be at the event the 9th and 10th. 

Among the many events taking place what I am looking forward to is meeting and getting my photo with Walter Koenig (TOS's Pavel Chekov), Conner Trinneer (Trip from 'Enterprise'), Arlene Martel (on TOS she played Spock's Wife) and Garrett Wang (Ensign Kim from 'Voyager'). Even though I am not a Voyager fan I am looking forward to meeting Garrett Wang as he was a blast to see at the TNG EXPOsed show in Calgary last weekend. Also there will be a Saturday Night Cabaret featuring Canadian Alternative Band '54-40'!!! Very excited to make the road trip to Vulcan to take in this event. 

Also I will be attending the 'Edmonton Pop Culture Fair' September 23/12 @ The Alberta Aviation Museum.