Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blog #27: Great Trek Actors Who Need More Work

I listen to the 'Nerd Lunch' podcast and one of their franchise topics is 'Give That Guy some Work' where they discuss great actors from TV and film who have not been seen in anything for a while. Got me thinking about some great Trek actors who are wonderful and I would like to see them in something again.
Matt Frewer:
I met Trek guest star Matt Frewer summer 2011 at the Calgary Expo and he was a great guy to meet. He played 'Rasmussen' in a 5th season TNG episode. He actually is a busy guy for work, but I'd like to see him in something like 'Dexter' or 'Breaking Bad', or better yet 'Game Of Thrones'.  I loved his 90's comedy show 'Doctor, Doctor' and the drama 'Psi Factor' in the 90's. Awesome actor who needs to be included more on big projects.
At the 2011 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo I caught a Matt Frewer panel. Frewer is best known as 80's icon 'Max Headroom', but being a Trek nerd I was more interested in his guest appearance on an episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. I even asked him about it and I was so nervous having him and the entire room staring at me...but I got out my question. I said "I....I...I wanted to ask you about your role on Star Trek. Did they call you for the role because I had heard a rumour that that role was originally written for Robin Williams (who apparently was a big fan of the show)". He said to me that he was asked to take the role and also heard the Williams rumour but doesn't know if it is true. He also had hoped to make another appearance with that character, but it never happened.

And the episode originally written was supposed to have a scene where he is sent to a prison planet, according to Frewer.
More to come. See you next time, same Trek time, same Trek blog.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog #26: My New Trek Series Premise, Pt III

As I write this it is my hope someone involved in the creation of the new Trek series will read this idea and (hopefully) use it. My idea for a new series is this:
Star Trek: Light In Darkness
Section 32 on board the USS Yorktown travels the known Galaxy in secret undertaking missions needed for the protection of the Federation and it's allies. This will see the Yorktown travel everywhere from inside the former Romulan Empire, to the Klingon Empire, all the way to Deep Space 9 where it will travel to the Gamma Quadrant to determine if there is a Dominion conspiracy to destroy the Federation. Aside from DS9 we could possibly see Captain Riker and the USS Titan make an appearance, as well as other guest stars from TNGDS9 and Voyager.
I want to call it 'Light In Darkness' as this is a dark time for the Federation as the galaxy seems to be in turmoil. Also I wanted to get away from calling the series after the vehicle from which it takes place (Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise). The characters I plucked from TNGDS9 and Voyager are all people I feel would be willing to do another Trek series. and given the uncertain nature of this series main characters may be killed off from season to season, making room to bring in new characters or re-introducing established characters. Another reason why it should not be called 'Yorktown' is that I want to leave the option open for destroying the Yorktown.
Going with established characters too will help eliminate unnecessary back story episodes and each episode can focus on the story rather than back story. Also it can serve to give fans closure on certain characters that were forgotten (Thomas Riker).
Well this is my preliminary idea for a new Trek series taking place after Voyager. More thoughts to come. I'll be taking next week off from Trek1701 so I'll see you back here again in 2 weeks. Live Long And Prosper!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blog #25: My New Trek Series Premise, Pt II

As I write this it is my hope someone involved in the creation of the new Trek series will read this idea and (hopefully) use it. My idea for a new series is this:
Star Trek: Light In Darkness
Section 32: a new Starfleet Intelligence Task Force that answers to Admiral Janeway and/or Captain Worf. (Janeway and Worf would not be series regulars, but would guest star from time to time on the show). Going with people they trust or people they know capable of running Section 32 the way it needs to be run the new Intelligence Unit breaks down as follows:
Main Characters:
- General Thomas William Riker: Section 32's Field Leader. He receives the orders from Starfleet Command and carries them out. He also is considered Captain of Section 32's prototype stealth/cloak ship: The USS Yorktown. (The Yorktown is what Gene Roddenberry originally wanted to call the original Enterprise. Seemed fitting to use it here)
- Colonel Helena Stane: Member of Starfleets military branch. Originally a member of Section 31 she has vested interest in finding who killed her friends and punishing them. First Officer of Section 32 Unit.  
- Lt Commander Wesley Crusher: First Officer of the USS Yorktown. He handles the day to day operations of Section 32's ship.
- Lt Commander Harry Kim: Operations officer of Yorktown, Second Officer.
- Lt Commander Nog: Chief Engineer of the USS Yorktown. He is often called upon to use his 'Feringi Connections' to assist Section 32.
- The Doctor: EMH program that serves as the Yorktowns Chief Medical Officer. (Doesn't have to be Robert Picardo, but if he's willing to do it then that would be cool. But if not a new actor could be brought in to be the Doctor)
- Lt Salok Nedvek: USS Yorktown tactical/security officer. A female Romulan national who was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence following the collapse of the Romulan Empire. She hopes to find her missing family and stop the Klingons from destroying whats left of her people.
- Lt Orion Angeles: Navigator of USS Yorktown.
Guest Stars:
Elim Garek: Former member of the Cardassian Obsidian Order, he is brought onto Section 32 at the request of Captain Worf as Worf feels Gareks previous experience as a member of the Order will help Section 32 get on track and become the secretive organization it must be to eliminate the enemies of the Federation. Garek is not a permanent member of the team and comes and goes as he pleases, often going on undercover research missions for Section 32.  
- Admiral Janeway: Member of Starfleet Command overseeing Section 32 operations.
- Captain Worf: Member of Starfleet Security helping to oversee Section 32.
- Sela: Former Romulan Commander who joins up with Starfleet Intelligence following the collapse of the Romulan Empire and the Klingon Invasion.  
- The Traveller: mysterious alien who is a close friend and ally to Wesley Crusher, who assists when called upon.