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Last Post of Trek1701

Hey there friend, this is Chris Lockhart, also known as Chrisloc1701 and this is my 'Star Trek' themed blog. As you may be aware I have just started a podcast, based on my 'Random Nerdness' blog and it is ironically called 'The Random Nerdness Podcast', and we are part of The Atomic Geeks Podcast Network. Well things are going great with the podcast, I and my fellow podcasters are having a blast with this new endeavour. But sacrifices must be made for progress and sadly this blog will be one of those sacrifices. I am going to continue to blog at Random Nerdness, so there will be Trek themed blog entries there from time to time, but this site will halt all blogging effective immediately. I appreciate you taking the time to check the site out, thanks for that! As I said I will still be out there talking 'Star Trek' so be sure to check out my other projects:

The Random Nerdness Blog can be found at The Random Nerdness Podcast…

Blog #37: Remembering B5's 'Commander Sinclair'

Despite 'Babylon 5' not being in the Trek Universe, and in a way competition to Deep Space Nine, B5 has a special place in my heart. It was truly a great space sci-fi series that was way ahead of its time. It was a series that was definitely better than Star Trek: Voyager or Enterprise. Anyway for this weeks entry into the blog we have a sad one:
On September 28, 2012, J. Michael Straczynski posted that O'Hare suffered a heart attack on September 23 and had remained in a coma until the 28th, when he died.
I was very sad to hear this. I was and still am a huge fan of the 'Babylon 5' series and I really enjoyed Michael O'Hare as Commander Sinclair. I remember when season 2 started being devastated that O'Hare would not be returning. I had no Internet back then and had no way of knowing Bruce Boxleitner would be replacing him on the series. He did make a brief return appearance in Season 2 but made a big splash in the 3rd season 2 part episode 'War Without E…

Blog #36: Pop Culture Eraser

A few months back the 'Nerd Lunch' podcast did an episode called 'Pop Culture Eraser' where they took one person and one thing from pop culture (TV series for example) and erased them from pop culture. What would theramifications be? This episode got me thinking of a couple things I would erase from Trek pop culture, and I of course am going to discuss it here: Person to Erase from 'Trek' pop culture: Rick Berman. I agree, it is a gamble getting rid of Berman since TNG really got it's groove in season 3, the season he took over the reigns. Biggest thing for me is Rick Berman is an admitted Non-Trekker. He did not watch it growing up, did not watch it in preparation to work for Gene Roddenberry, he was simply a TV Producer, period. But had someone like Michael Piller been in charge, a man who seemed to have a firm grasp on what works and doesn't work for Star Trek, we may have had even more quality TNG. Or someone who is a Star Trek fan running things af…