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Hey there friend, this is Chris Lockhart, also known as Chrisloc1701 and this is my 'Star Trek' themed blog. As you may be aware I have just started a podcast, based on my 'Random Nerdness' blog and it is ironically called 'The Random Nerdness Podcast', and we are part of The Atomic Geeks Podcast Network. Well things are going great with the podcast, I and my fellow podcasters are having a blast with this new endeavour. But sacrifices must be made for progress and sadly this blog will be one of those sacrifices. I am going to continue to blog at Random Nerdness, so there will be Trek themed blog entries there from time to time, but this site will halt all blogging effective immediately. I appreciate you taking the time to check the site out, thanks for that! As I said I will still be out there talking 'Star Trek' so be sure to check out my other projects:

The Random Nerdness Blog can be found at
The Random Nerdness Podcast can be streamed free at and free to download from iTunes!
The Random Nerdness Blog & Podcast have both a group and page on Facebook so check us out there!
You can follow my tweets on Twitter @chrisloc1701
You can E-mail the Random Nerdness Blog & Podcast at
Thanks again for reading. Live Long & Prosper!


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