Trek1701: A 'Star Trek' Podcast

Ep #2: To Boldly Go Where Other Podcasts Have Gone Before…
Chris Lockhart (chrisloc1701) is joined by Evan Hanson and Dave Kish. In this first ‘group’ episode of the podcast they discuss ‘Captain Picard’ (Patrick Stewart),  JJ Abram’s Star Trek movies and what we would want to see in a new Star Trek TV series. Then a Trek1701 Review on the film ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’, we discuss who is our favorite Trek Doctor? And also included in this episode is a segment on the ‘Top 100’ moments in Star Trek history (100-90).
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'Kapla' or rather “Qapla” (The standard Romanized Klingon spelling it is a noun meaning "success" or sometimes "absence of failure").


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