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This & That: Calgary Comic Expo 2012

Thanks to social media outlets Facebook and Twitter I was able to document my recent trip to the Calgary Comic And Entertainment Expo 2012. It was quite the quest filled with misadventure, good times and a few bad. Among my many activities that weekend it included the fact I got drunk with 'The Honky Tonk Man', 

I got to meet Stan Lee

 and most of the cast of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', and I had a talk with comic book writing icon/Trek Novelist Peter David. 

Check out my 'Captains Log' blog posts about my Calgary experience over at the Random Nerdness Blog.

Blog #17: More Star Trek 'What If?' Scenarios, Part II

- Season 2 Dr Crusher was replaced by Dr Pulaski in an attempt tocreate another 'Dr McCoy' type of character. She left after 1 season but what would it have been like had she stayed on the series?? I actually like the character of Pulaski, maybe even more than that of Doctor Crusher. At first they made her just a little too ignorant and the Writers attempt to have her be the Doctor McCoy of this series just didn't work. But as season 2 ofTNG went on the character of Pulaski became better and I liked what she added to the series. In my mind she almost became the 'mother' figure of the show. I think the show would have been fine with her, but from what I understand she was not happy with the role so if she had stayed for another season she may have eventually wanted to leave the series anyway. - What would Trek have been like if MajelBarrets character 'Number One' had remained the First Officer and not Spock? It just wouldn't have been the same. I like Maj…

Blog #16: More Star Trek 'What If?' Scenarios

- In the original draft idea for Trek Spock was to have been red and from Mars... how would that have affected the franchise?? This would have drastically altered everything for Spock and viewers. Being red and from Mars may seem silly by today's standards but you have to remember that back in the 60's not much was known about Mars. There were no photos, no probes, just what could be seen by telescope and educated guesses. But Roddenberry was known for consulting with scientists about science stuff for Trek and he was probably advised to not have Spockbe from mars because the odds are against there being humanoid life on Mars. but by today's standards had they gone with that notion of being red and from Mars there is no doubt that Star Trek would be mocked and probably would never have been taken seriously, especially after NASA all but proved there not to be life on Mars. - Originally Marina Sirtis auditioned for the role of Tasha and Denise Crosby for Troi... what would t…

Blog #15: Why 'Voyager' Failed, Part III

Relying on 'Holodeck' episodes is a sure sign of the lack of creativity: Having the series take place in the Delta Quadrant was to create new adventures for this crew, yet it seemed like every second episode was a holodeck episode. Most other TV series would do a 'dream sequence' episode, which is a lame attempt at creativity in my opinion, like on 'The Sopranos'. But because this is Trek they can have these dreams be a reality on the holodeck. Holodeck adventures at times are OK, but seriously these Writers and Producers over exploited them because they lacked creativity.

Janeway was a poor Captain. Why did they not go with TNG's Riker as Captain, as was rumoured?: When Star Trek: The Next Generation was in it's 6th season there was a rumour that the next Trek series would feature Riker as Captain. This made sense to me as it was about time he got a command of his own. He was ready to take that next step and had been offered several commands before so it …

Blog #14: Why 'Voyager' Failed, Part II

All In The Name: It began with Deep Space Nine, naming the series after the vessel that the characters inhabit. 'Star Trek: Voyager' is a terrible title for a series, and Executive Producer/Creator Berman with his lack of creativity continued with this with 'Enterprise'. Why not call this series something else? I mentioned in my previous blog the Peter David book series 'Star Trek: New Frontier', New Frontier is the perfect title to describe a series like Voyager. That or something like that should have been the title of Voyager. 'Voyager' is just bland, boring and dull. And while I mentioned 'Enterprise', that is a series that should have had a different name too. I think 'Star Trek: First Voyages' would have been a much better series title than 'Enterprise'. Too many forgettable characters and forgettable actors playing them: The only characters I liked were The Doctor, Chakotay and Tom Paris. They were played by some great acto…