Blog #27: Great Trek Actors Who Need More Work

I listen to the 'Nerd Lunch' podcast and one of their franchise topics is 'Give That Guy some Work' where they discuss great actors from TV and film who have not been seen in anything for a while. Got me thinking about some great Trek actors who are wonderful and I would like to see them in something again.
Matt Frewer:
I met Trek guest star Matt Frewer summer 2011 at the Calgary Expo and he was a great guy to meet. He played 'Rasmussen' in a 5th season TNG episode. He actually is a busy guy for work, but I'd like to see him in something like 'Dexter' or 'Breaking Bad', or better yet 'Game Of Thrones'.  I loved his 90's comedy show 'Doctor, Doctor' and the drama 'Psi Factor' in the 90's. Awesome actor who needs to be included more on big projects.
At the 2011 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo I caught a Matt Frewer panel. Frewer is best known as 80's icon 'Max Headroom', but being a Trek nerd I was more interested in his guest appearance on an episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. I even asked him about it and I was so nervous having him and the entire room staring at me...but I got out my question. I said "I....I...I wanted to ask you about your role on Star Trek. Did they call you for the role because I had heard a rumour that that role was originally written for Robin Williams (who apparently was a big fan of the show)". He said to me that he was asked to take the role and also heard the Williams rumour but doesn't know if it is true. He also had hoped to make another appearance with that character, but it never happened.

And the episode originally written was supposed to have a scene where he is sent to a prison planet, according to Frewer.
More to come. See you next time, same Trek time, same Trek blog.


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