Blog #26: My New Trek Series Premise, Pt III

As I write this it is my hope someone involved in the creation of the new Trek series will read this idea and (hopefully) use it. My idea for a new series is this:
Star Trek: Light In Darkness
Section 32 on board the USS Yorktown travels the known Galaxy in secret undertaking missions needed for the protection of the Federation and it's allies. This will see the Yorktown travel everywhere from inside the former Romulan Empire, to the Klingon Empire, all the way to Deep Space 9 where it will travel to the Gamma Quadrant to determine if there is a Dominion conspiracy to destroy the Federation. Aside from DS9 we could possibly see Captain Riker and the USS Titan make an appearance, as well as other guest stars from TNGDS9 and Voyager.
I want to call it 'Light In Darkness' as this is a dark time for the Federation as the galaxy seems to be in turmoil. Also I wanted to get away from calling the series after the vehicle from which it takes place (Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise). The characters I plucked from TNGDS9 and Voyager are all people I feel would be willing to do another Trek series. and given the uncertain nature of this series main characters may be killed off from season to season, making room to bring in new characters or re-introducing established characters. Another reason why it should not be called 'Yorktown' is that I want to leave the option open for destroying the Yorktown.
Going with established characters too will help eliminate unnecessary back story episodes and each episode can focus on the story rather than back story. Also it can serve to give fans closure on certain characters that were forgotten (Thomas Riker).
Well this is my preliminary idea for a new Trek series taking place after Voyager. More thoughts to come. I'll be taking next week off from Trek1701 so I'll see you back here again in 2 weeks. Live Long And Prosper!


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