Blog #19: More Star Trek 'What If?' Scenarios, Part IV

Guinan was first conceived to be 'the most beautiful woman in all creation', before Whoopi Goldberg had expressed interest in being on the show and the role was given to her. If she had not joined the show and it was the most beautiful woman what would that have been like and which star of the time could have played her? And how would this beautiful woman had interacted with the men of the crew?
And more importantly would Riker have been able to resist her, and she him? But seriously who in the late 80's could have played that character? Maybe Heather Locklear! Back then she was probably in my humble opinion the most beautiful woman who would be willing to commit to a TV series in a regular guest starring capacity. And there is no way Commander William T. Riker would have been able to resist her. Which means that Troi would be totally opened up for Worf to make his move and seal the deal.  

A Candidate to play 'Guinan'? 

- Wesley Crusher originally was supposed to be 'Leslie Crusher', a female? Would that have been better and which Tween star of the time would have played her?
Again who back in the late 80's could have played Leslie Crusher? I can't help but think that perhaps one of the pre-'Beverly Hills 90210' stars could have filled that role. Shannon Doherty or perhaps better yet Jenni Garth. If it had been Shannon Doherty she was known for her on-set antics which lead to her being written off of 90210, she no doubt would have been written off and 'Leslie' may have even had to be killed off to keep fans demanding Doherty's return. It would have been interesting indeed. But I am glad we had Wesley Crusher, because despite many fans dis-liking that character I always liked him. I no doubt will be devoting an entire blog post to discussing Wil Wheaton and Wesley in the not too distant future.

Leslie Crusher? 

- What if Star Trek: TOS had been renewed for a 4th season?? What episodes would you have like seen done? What characters would you like to see return?
I would like to have seen 'Gary Seven' return since his spin-off series was never picked up.
I would like to see 'Harry Mudd' make a return, maybe for some payback against Kirk for leaving him with all those androids of his wife. Whatever happened to those androids anyway? Would have been cool to see some of them show up on TNG and meet Data.
I always wanted to see 'Kor' make a return.
I always loved the Romulan episodes and would have liked to see them again in battle.
Doctor McCoy's unmentioned family could have made an appearance.
Another 'Gorn' episode!!!



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