Blog #21: Color Of A Shirt

Changing uniforms: Regular Trek stars who changed the color of their regular uniform and why.
- Spock in the 'Shatner' pilot had a yellow uniform before changing to the iconic blue.

- Sulu in the mirror universe wears red: did that mean they were gonna kill him??

- Chief O'Brien had a red uniform in the TNG pilot.

- Geordi and Worf switched uniform in the TNG second season when they changed ship jobs. But was Worf gonna be killed off in season 1 had Tasha not been killed as rumoured?? Curse of the red shirt!!

- Data got a red shirt when he was promoted to First Officer by Captain Jellico and Troi had to go back to wearing a standard blue uniform in the 6th season 2 part episode 'Chain Of Command'.

- Picard had a blue uniform in 'Tapestry'.

- Thomas Riker had a yellow uniform, a big change from Commander Rikers iconic Red.

- Worf went back to wearing red after joining the cast of DS9 in season 4.

- Season 5 of DS9 in the episode 'Trials And Tribbliations': The DS9 crew went back in time to the original series and while in disguise on the original Enterprise Sisko wore yellow, Dax red, O'Brien red, because that was the uniform color scheme in that era.

Trek TV Series Uniform Colors by Area:
TOS/Enterprise: Yellow (Command & Operations), Red (Engineering & Security) and Blue (Science & Medical). Captains had the option of wearing a Green V-cut shirt when on duty.
TNG/DS9/Voyager: Red (Command & Operations), Yellow (Engineering & Security) and Blue (Science & Medical) Captains had the option of wearing a 'Captains' Jacket when on duty.


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