Blog #23: Trek in Comic Books

Being a kid who is a Trek fan I loved to read Star Trek comics. DC Comics had a great run with their Star Trek comics with the great Peter David writing a lot of Trek comics. Probably my favourite storyline was when Captain Kirk was stabbed and almost killed. Very heavy stuff for a 8 year old kid to read but I remember loving every issue I could get my hands on. They even did a great annual issue where George Takei himself helped to write it. Marvel did Trek comics in the late 90's, didn't buy much of those other than their series based on Captain Pike and the original crew featured in the original 'The Cage' pilot. That was a very neat concept and made for some great reading. Wish I could collect that run in trade paperback format.
Currently IDW is doing a series based on the 2009 JJ Abrams alternate time-line Star Trek. I've read a few issues and they are doing a solid job with that series. So far they are re-telling original series stories with this 'new' crew with some plot twists. but I'm told that later issues focus on original stories written just for the book. I'm looking forward to read those.
I've also ordered the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic. Haven't got it yet but I am a huge fan of the Matt Smith 'Doctor Who' television series so i am very excited to read it.
And that's all folks again for this week. See you in the future!


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