Blog #6: TNG in HD!!

In 2012 Star Trek: The Next Generation season one is coming to Blue-Ray HD. Until the entire season is released they have issued a sample disc of TNG in HD. I recently ordered 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' The Next Level to see my beloved TNG in HD. I must say it is breathtakingly awesome. Everything has been improved upon, you can especially notice the HD difference with the special effects. The Enterprise and her crew have never looked or sounded better. The episodes they have chosen for this 'taste' or TNG in HD are 'Encounter At Farpoint' the TNG pilot, 3rd season episode 'Sins Of The Father' which is a great Worf/Klingon episode and 'The Inner Light', a 5th season episode which is one of the best Trek has to offer. I am looking forward to the release of the entire series of TNG in HD. A few complaints however:

- The episodes are still in 4:3 aspect ratio, whereas most Blue Rays (including the Original Series) is in 16:9 ratio. 4:3 gives you the black bars on the left and right sides of the picture, where the 16:9 ratio would give you the full screen treatment on most newer TV's. Apparently when TNG was originally filmed it was filmed with 4:3 ratio in mind, and therefore it will probably not be seen in the 16:9 ratio. Very sad indeed. 

- 'Encounter At Farpoint' looks great and sounds great in HD, but HD cannot save this episode from being one of the worst TNG episodes ever made. At the very least it is the worst Trek pilot made out of the entire franchise. Rather than have this episode I wish they had included something better from TNG like 'The Best Of Both Worlds' 2 part episode. The point of this 'taste' of TNG in HD disc is to get us Trek geeks hooked, not leave a bad taste in our mouths like 'Encounter At Farpoint' did. 

All in all this Trek fan is hooked on the TNG HD, and I cannot wait to get my fix. 

Live Long And Prosper! 


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