Postcards from me to you!

Hey there friend this is Chris with something to give you, and something you can give back to me. Sounds mysterious but it isn't. Last fall my fellow blogger CT from the 'Nerd Lunch' blog did something awesome for his readers, and I liked it so much I'm doing it for you. It goes like this: I have a book of 'Bone' postcards, 'Bone' being the comic book character created by Jeff Smith. If you would like me to send you a free 'Bone' post card I would be happy to do that. The only thing I ask for in exchange is that after you receive the postcard in the mail take a picture of yourself holding the postcard and e-mail that picture to me so I can post it on my blogs. It's a neat idea for me to connect to my readers, and for them to connect to the blogs. 

So if you are interested send me an e-mail with your name and full mailing address to:
and after you receive the postcard send me your pic with the card to the same e-mail address, and please specify which of my blogs you prefer to read and I'll post your pic to that blog.  

I'm hoping to have at least 24 people respond to this, because that is all the 'Bone' postcards I have. If this little experiment is a success I'll be doing more of these postcard exchanges in the future. 

Hope to hear from you!

- Chris


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