Blog #34: Top 10 Best Trek Scenes, Part IV

Hello friend and welcome back to the Trek1701 blog. for the next 5 blog entries I will be discussing my favourite Trek scenes, arranged in a Top 10 format.  Each entry will feature 2 scenes, counting down to my favourite Trek moment. I have included scenes from the movies and the television series. Here we go:
#4- TNG: The Defector: Picard  owns Tomalok/ Admiral Jarok speech
This is perhaps my favourite Romulan episode ever. A Romulan defector crosses the line and Picard must debate what he should do: Cross the Neutral zone to stop a war, or perhaps to start one? The Enterprise and defector Admiral Jarok were set up and the Enterprise is at the mercy of 2 Romulan warbirds commanded by Commander Tomalok, played brilliantly by the late Andreas Katsulas (Babylon 5's 'G'Kar'). Picard refuses to surrender hi ship and very calm and cooly reveals his ace up his sleeve: Cloaked Klingon Warships at his command surrounding the romulan ships. Tomalok has no choice but to back down and leave, which leaves the pawn Admiral Jarok to commit suicide for his betrayal. It in many ways is a very moving episode, and Picards ready room speech to Jarok is one of the best ever delivered by Captain Picard.
#3- Star Trek II: Khans revenge/ Kirk strikes back!
Khan comes back and he wants his pound of flesh from Admiral Kirk. Ricardo Montalbon was absolutely brilliant playing the villainous Khan. This film is the best Star Trek film ever made hands down. Khan using his captured USS Reliant cripples the Enterprise, and only Kirks cunning keeps him and his crew alive, which leads into the movies stunning final space battle between the Reliant and Enterprise. Kirk outmanoeuvres Khan yet again and Khan dies, but not before making one last effort to kill his mortal enemy, thus forcing Spock to sacrifice himself to save his shipmates. Khan and Kirk are so engaging when they interact with each other the viewer, myself included, don't realize they never actually share screen time together. Their battles take place in space and via communication channels. And their exchanges are so powerful they don't actually need to physically battle each other, something they should have used in the TNG films...
Top 2 next week! Stay tuned...  


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