Blog #33: Top 10 Best Trek Scenes, Part III

Hello friend and welcome back to the Trek1701 blog. for the next 5 blog entries I will be discussing my favourite Trek scenes, arranged in a Top 10 format.  Each entry will feature 2 scenes, counting down to my favourite Trek moment. I have included scenes from the movies and the television series. Here we go:
#6- TNG: "There are Four lights"!/ Jellico making enemies
Picard is replaced as Captain of the Enterprise by Captain Edward Jellico, and Picard is captured while on a secret mission for starfleet into Cardassian space. Picard is tortured by Gul Madred while back on Enterprise Jellico is pissing everyone off who crosses his path. Patrick Stewart gives perhaps his best performance as he plays a man who is both mentally and physically tortured. "There are Four lights" is perhaps one of the most famous Picard lines to be recited by fans. It was hard to see Picard beaten down the way he was but it made for great drama and a great performance by Stewart. Meanwhile Ronny Cox as 'Jellico' did a great job stirring up the status quo on the Enterprise. The heated exchanges between Jellico and Riker were very cool with both Cox and Frakes giving great performances.

#5- Star Trek III: Stealing the Enterprise/ Kirks revenge for death of son
How cool was it to see the old boys working together to steal the Enterprise and rescue Spock. The scene where they actually steal the ship out of space dock is absolutely awesome. Then later in the film Kirk is fighting the man who ordered the death of his son, Kruge, played wonderfully by Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future). Do you realize that this is the only original series film where Kirk actually physically fights the bad guy. Picard fought the villain in every TNG film, but Kirk only ever fought Kruge. Kinda weird considering Kirk was the fighter and Picard was the diplomat. Despite the fact that Kruge was trying to kill him Kirk tries to save him, before kicking him to his certain death. Freakin awesome!

More next week! TTYL


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