Blog #31: Top 10 Best Trek Scenes, Part I

Hello friend and welcome back to the Trek1701 blog. for the next 5 blog entries I will be discussing my favourite Trek scenes, arranged in a Top 10 format.  Each entry will feature 2 scenes, counting down to my favourite Trek moment. I have included scenes from the movies and the television series. Here we go:
#10- Star Trek VI: "To Be Or Not To Be"/Enterprise gets pummelled!!
I love the final battle scene from Star Trek 6. Christopher Plummer is such a great actor and it was great seeing him playing the final villain the original crew would face together before going into retirement. The cloaked Klingon bird-of-prey does severe damage to the ship and Sulu's ship when they come to their aid. All while Christopher Plummer is reciting Shakespeare. And to see Spock and McCoy working together to get a gas sniffing torpedo on line, and General Chang (Christopher Plummer) ultimately saying "To Be Or Not To Be"... then Sulu and kirk ordering the destruction of the Klingon ship...Awesome. Great final battle for the original crew.
#9- Star Trek IV: Saving the whales/The crew out of their element
This was a great film. Seeing Kirk and company on the streets of San Francisco in the 80's, having to deal with punks and swear words... very funny. it was also a nice change of pace and a movie that didn't take itself too seriously after the first 3 films being very serious. My favourite scene out of them all is when Kirk and crew, on board their stolen cloaked Klingon bird-of-prey, have to rescue whales 'George' and 'Gracie' from a whaling ship. When the whalers shoot their harpoon it hits an invisible wall, then the bird-of-prey De-cloaks in front of them much to the shock of the whalers. Plus the whole plot line of using a ship at warp speed slingshotting around the sun to travel time was genius.
See you next time for more moments!


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