Blog #28: Great Trek Actors Who Need More Work: 2

Continuing last weeks topic. I listen to the 'Nerd Lunch' podcast and one of their franchise topics is 'Give That Guy some Work' where they discuss great actors from TV and film who have not been seen in anything for a while. Got me thinking about some great Trek actors who are wonderful and I would like to see them in something again.
Brent Spiner:
I think Brent Spiner needs to be in more. That guy is a multi-talented actor who I think if given a chance could d anything. I could see him doing a slap-stick comedy like 'The Naked Gun' where he could play a Leslie Nielson-type character or a serious psychological thriller like John Lithgow did in 'Raising Cain'. Spiner would be awesome in either capacity. I got the chance to meet Spiner this April at the 2012 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. he was a very nice guy and very cool towards my son, asking him what his name was. We got our pic taken with him. Just meeting him alone made the convention worth it.

And they need to give Andrew Robinson (DS9's 'Garek') some work!! He is a wonderful character actor, would love to see him play a villain like he did in the 'MANTIS' TV series in the 90's.
Will continue this discussion another time. TTYL. Taking next week off to do some holidaying so see you back here in 2 weeks(ish). Same Trek Time, Same Trek Blog!


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