Blog #14: Why 'Voyager' Failed, Part II

All In The Name:
It began with Deep Space Nine, naming the series after the vessel that the characters inhabit. 'Star Trek: Voyager' is a terrible title for a series, and Executive Producer/Creator Berman with his lack of creativity continued with this with 'Enterprise'. Why not call this series something else? I mentioned in my previous blog the Peter David book series 'Star Trek: New Frontier', New Frontier is the perfect title to describe a series like Voyager. That or something like that should have been the title of Voyager. 'Voyager' is just bland, boring and dull. And while I mentioned 'Enterprise', that is a series that should have had a different name too. I think 'Star Trek: First Voyages' would have been a much better series title than 'Enterprise'.
Too many forgettable characters and forgettable actors playing them:
The only characters I liked were The Doctor, Chakotay and Tom Paris. They were played by some great actors who I think may have been tied down due to the poor writing and didn't really get a chance to flourish in their roles. The rest of cast just sucked as far as I'm concerned. I think it was a combination of bad acting and bad writing. Kate Mulgrew is the worst Captain of all the Trek Captains. It's not that I have anything against female Captains, I just didn't like her character. But the rest of them should have been recast and other more interesting characters brought in to replace them. Oh that's right they couldn't do that because they were stranded 80 years away from Earth. This was just a boring cast of characters that i wasn't interested in watching.

If the creative team wanted this series to take place in a distant corner of the galaxy to create new alien races for them to encounter, why did we so many familiar races? Especially the Borg!:
New races, new aliens, new adventures is what we were promised going into this series. But every major race somehow and in someway made their mark on this show. Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans, Cardassians, Bajorans, even the dominion made an appearance in a holodeck sequence. And don't forget the Borg. The Borg were first introduced on TNG and were a frightening menace that was seldom seen, but when they were it was memorable. Then Voyager came along and their Writers decided to exploit and over-exploit this once interesting race of villains to the point that they are no longer interesting. In the beginning being in the DeltaQuadrant Voyager was to meet all new aliens and threats, yet they took this race from TNG and exploited them because they couldn't come up with something interesting on their own.  
Why did it make sense to have 'Seven Of 9' prance around in a silver form fitting 'uniform'?:
Don't get me wrong I think Jeri Ryan is a very attractive woman and her body is most excellent, but really did she need to be prancing around in a form fitting uniform? Again it was a lame attempt by the Writers and Producers to bring in horny male viewers. When Captain Picard was rescued by the TNG crew and brought back from being a Borg I don't remember him wearing anything like that. I remember there being some lame explanation by the Doctor for her choice of wardrobe. A very pathetic attempt to draw in viewers.

Anywho that ends Part II of the discussion on Why Voyager Failed. See you next time!


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