Blog #3: The Next Trek Series

I have some ideas for what the next Trek series should be about. Apparently Trek will be returning to the small screen in the next few years. It is time for Star Trek to return to the small screen. We're going on 7 years now with no new Trek TV. Here are a few of my ideas:

- I know they did a book series but I would love to see Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis return to TV in a USS Titan series. I met Frakes last summer at the Calgary con and I told him then that he should get the next Trek series and he replied "I couldn't agree more!". It would be great to see those characters return with maybe a few guest appearances from their TNG friends...

-  My second idea would be a series about a young Captain Picard as he commands the USS Stargazer. I've always been interested in this idea as there have been several references to his time on the Stargazer during the run of TNG. I know Picard served on the Stargazer for 22 years and that he took command of the ship after his Captain was killed during a battle. I would like to see the young Picard and his friendship with the doomed Jack Crusher, and the sexual tension between the young Picard and the young lovely Dr Beverly Crusher. I know the Stargazer had a run in with Cardassians during the Federation/Cardassian War and of course the final fateful battle with the then mysterious Feringi. maybe the first season could focus on Picard as the First Officer, and maybe in the season 1 finale he takes command. 'Star Trek: Stargazer' would make a great TV series and as the new Trek movie has proven recasting old characters and showing them in their prime can and does work when done right. They could even have Patrick Stewart guest star. And it should be produced by JJ Abrams and his 'Bad Robot' productions.

- Perhaps a Wesley Crusher series? Despite what many fans feel about Wesley I actually liked his character, I would like to see him return to prime time. In 'Star Trek: Nemesis" he was seen at the Riker wedding back in a starfleet uniform, perhaps by now he may be a first officer on a ship. I'm sure Wil Wheaton would jump at the chance to do a series. He wouldn't necessarily have to be the main star of the series, but i would like to see him back. Maybe a guest appearance of Dr Crusher...

Well this is a topic with endless ideas. I will definitely be returning to it in the not too distant future. Be sure to leave a comment with your idea on what the next Trek series should be.

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